Tuesday, December 27, 2005

AQ Cafe

AQ Cafe is a Scandinavian place (by the owner of Aquavit) located in Midtown in NYC. It is cafeteria style and is fairly cheap. However the lines are very long and slow and the food is prepared in a space the size of a closet.

We got one Nordic Cuban sandwich, which was the best out of everything we ordered. It was on good, crispy bread and the mustard was a nice touch on an otherwise ordianary Cuban.

We also had the Gravlax Club, cured salmon with avocado, tomato, potato, and cilantro, served on whole grain bread. It was okay, not bad, but not good.

The Broccoli Fennel soup was dull and tasted like the broccoli, fennel, and cream had just been pureed then served.

The meatballs, one of their specialties were heavy and had a strong meat flavor. It was served with a lingonberry jam, which didn't perk the dish up enough.

The side salads served with each dish were terrible, very old lettuce and no flavor.

AQ Cafe serves mediocre food with long lines; not worth anyone's time or money

AQ Cafe
58 Park Avenue (at 38th St.)
New York, NY 10016
P. 212 847 9745
F. 212 686 2115


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