Saturday, November 05, 2005

Forest Cafe

Forest Cafe is a kitschy Mexican place a few blocks away from us. Recently its famed chef Jim Fahey returned to the kitchen and this was our second visit since then. At five-thirty the restaurant was suprisingly packed, and we were seated at the last table.

To start I had the green beans with garlic and lime. They were amazing, seared until crispy and dripping with lime and garlicky oil. A great, creative way to serve green beans. We also had two specials, the shrimp with an orange colored pumpkin seed sauce and pork with bean puree in corn tortillas. The shrimp were okay, a little spicy, but didn't have much flavor. The pork was great, smokey and spicy with tons of flavor wrapped in a fresh corn tortilla.

For entrees we had the shrimp with a green pumpkin seed sauce. The shrimp were very fresh tasting and the sauce was great, especially when mopped up with the rice. The pork with the chocolate hazelnut mole was great. The pork was nothing special, but the mole was some of the best I've had. The deep chocolate was balanced by the hazelnut and was pretty spicy.

It was a good,casual meal in a fun atmosphere. There were some standouts that are will make us return. Dinner was $20-25 a person, including an appetizer, entree, and tax.

Forest Cafe: 1682 Massachusetts Ave,
Cambridge MA, 02138
Phone: 617 661-7810


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