Sunday, November 06, 2005

Dok Bua

Dok Bua is considered one of the best thai restaurants in the Boston area. I'd read countless raves about it and finally got around to trying it for lunch. The service was rude and it took a while for them to take our order. The decor here is hilarious, a combination of fishtanks, electric palm trees and vampire figurines. The menu is a large as a photo album and not arranged very well, but we eventually decided what to order.

We started with the Miang Kum, which is dried shrimp, peanut, lime, chili and Chinese broccoli wrapped in a leaf. It has many popular ingredients in thai food, including lime, ginger, and chili and was refreshing.

Next we had Pad Ki Mow, which is sauteed rice noodles with basil, tomato, onion, green pepper and chili paste. This was our favorite dish, the noodles had a slightly sweet flavor that was irresistable.

We also had the Rendang curry, which is chicken in a curry sauce topped with toasted coconut. It was a good curry, but was too sweet.

We also had Tom Kha Gai, the traditional coconut chicken soup. It was one of the better versions, with a strong citrus flavor and mushrooms.

Yum Nua is a beef salad with cucumber, tomato, onion, lime sauce and chili. The lime sauce was flavorful and went nicely with the beef.

The worst dish was Yum Woon Sen, which was glass noodles with ground pork, shrimp, peanut, chili sauce and lime juice. The lime juice was extremely overpowering and tasted more like household cleaner than anything else. It made the whole dish inedible.

There were one or two good dishes, but nothing worth going back for. It was about $12 a person including one dish and tax.

Dok Bua
411 Harvard Ave
Brookline, MA, 02446
P: 617 232 2955, 617 277 7087
F: 617 232 2250

*Pictures from Dok Bua's website


Blogger Helen said...

I just found Toast, Butter, and Jam on chowhound. What a great blog! I have to agree with you on Dok Bua. We went about a year ago, and I couldn't understand what the hipe was about. I'll have to try Forest cafe sometimes. It sounds excellent.

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