Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Clear Flour Bakery

Clear Flour Bakery has been one of my favorite bakeries since we discovered it a year ago. The overwhelming scent of freshly baked bread and pastries drew us in. They retail shop is very small, but crammed with delicious baked goods. Whenever we go there always seems to be something fresh from the oven, and still warm in its paper bag. We were in the neighborhood after eating at Dok Bua and decided to stop by.

The chocolate bun was wonderful, a pan au chocolat taken to the next level. It had a bun similar to a croissant, that was perfectly moist and flaky. The inside was filled with rich, dark chocolate filling and roasted almonds.

The chocolate shortbread was very rich, with a very deep dark chocolately flavor. Unlike most shortbread, it was not incredibly sweet or buttery.

They make wonderful seasonal fruit tarts and the plum tart was no exception. It had a wonderful flaky crust, unlike most, which have no function other than being a platform for the filling. The plums were juicy and tart and perfectly offset the rich crust.

Canneles are little baked custards that I've seen at only one other place in Boston, but Clear Flour's are superior. They are slightly burnt on the top, but it only adds a nice caramelized flavor. The canneles were chewy and moist and weren't waxy.

The baguette was good, but nothing out of the ordinary, and there are better in Boston.

The lemon roll was good and had nice lemony flavor with a average roll

The buckwheat walnut roll was rather flavorless, but slighlty acidic.

Clear Flour has some wonderful pastries and is one of the best bakeries in Boston. However, some their bread is not up to par with their other goods. Pastries are abot $2-3 depending on each one.

Clear Flour Bakery
178 Thorndike St.
Brookline MA 02446


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